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$125 Portrait package:

Only $100 if you Like our Facebook page

1/2 Hour outdoor sitting only, you receive all images edited in both high & low resolution to print, post and share as you please plus on-line gallery. Money back guarantee.

$250 Portrait package:

Only $200 if you Like our Facebook page

1 Hour studio or outdoor sitting, unlimited images, you receive all images edited in both high & low resolution to print, post and share as you please plus on-line gallery.

Two 25 x 20cm (10 x 8) enlargements of your choice. extra prints are available. Or have your own printed.

Recommend a friend and receive a further two 25 x 20cm enlargements for each referral. If you require extra enlargements, we can assist you in purchasing these at reasonable rates or enhancing your prints or turning them into a masterpiece printed on canvas. Money back guarantee.

Our studio complete with professional studio lighting is available to you at no extra cost. Your images are individually hand crafted in post production software, giving a look unique to McCosh Photography. This includes colour grading, retouching and image enhancement. All images are captured in colour with a selection also presented in toned black & white.

Your images from McCosh Photography contains a complete set of both high resolution and reduced digital files (JPG’s) allowing you to print and share your images as you wish. Our complete service includes air brushing to make you look your best.

Do you want a free photo shoot including all images on disk plus a free 10 x 8 print.

Then Click here for full details.

• Family Portraits

• Individual portraits.

• Special events.

• Engagement shoot for free Discuss your wedding photography with us and have a free engagement shoot.

• Sports Events.

Click on these links for more information:

• Early childhood , School's & Sport groups

 Photo Party

• Graduation

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